REBOOT Your Marriage and Thrive

This weekend is your chance to:


Marriage is HARD and the pressures of work and raising a family often don’t give you and your spouse the time you need to focus on one another and your relationship.

This weekend is not about counseling.
It’s about communication, connection, and discovering your purpose TOGETHER!

As your coaches, we will walk alongside you in this proven process and help you discover what needs to be done in your marriage to grow, heal, and move forward together  with shared vision and purpose.

The REBOOT Marriage Retreat is a one-on-one experience designed to help you live your life by design rather than default. You’ll take a two-day journey designed to reveal where you are, what got you here, and ultimately move towards where you want to be. You will leave with actionable goals and a clear vision you have developed together that help you move towards united purpose. You’ll be equipped with “next steps” and can begin to live out God’s purpose for your marriage.

This process is a wholistic approach which moves you into further clarity and breakthroughs in every aspect of your marriage (Personal, Marriage & Family, Career & Calling, Faith, Finances, Health, Lifestyle, and Communication). 

You will talk about...

Where are you?

It’s time to take an honest assessment of your current marriage and be open about what is going well, and what needs to be addressed about your relationship.

What got you here?

This is not about digging up the past and opening old wounds. It is taking an honest approach of both the good and the setbacks that have brought you to this point. It provides a roadmap of what NOT to do what TO DO in the future.

Where do you want to be?

The most important conversations you can have with each other are about the future you want to have the legacy you want to build. Develop vision and purpose together, and learn to move forward UNITED!

and we will help you fill in the gaps.

How does it work?

You will arrive the day before your reboot and we will host you at a nearby Air Bnb. Our desire is that this will give you both the rest and privacy that we know many marriages struggle to find in the midst of their busy lives.

We will spend 2 days one on one with you going through a proven process to help you learn to be purpose focused, not problem focused. 

We provide the process, but you will provide the content! As your certified coaches, we will be there to help you each and every step of the way! Each couple’s story is unique and we are excited to get a chance to hear yours, and help you move towards what can be!

Every person wants the best for their marriage.

However, most people do not know how to improve their marriage. That’s exactly what we do through the Marriage Reboot Retreat. We help couples discover each other again and provide the framework in which each couple learns how to improve their unique and specifically designed marriage!


The Reboot Retreat is a private 2-day intensive experience directly with us, your marriage coaches. You and your spouse will work exclusively with us for two consecutive days to identify where you have been, define where you are currently, and discover where you want to go together. This Reboot Retreat is designed for any marriage, whether you are wanting to go from good to great, in crisis, a struggling marriage that needs a unified vision, a complacent marriage that needs a boost, or anyone in between!

What couples have to say about the experience

Reboot doesn't accurately describe what we experienced. Brad and Lisa guided us through an intensive and intentional, 2 day reset, restart and renewal, of the way we view not only our marriage, but our family relationships, finances, career, faith and future. We see our marriage as more purposed-focused rather than problem-focused.
Jacob & Cyndi
Before going through the reboot with Brad and Lisa, our marriage had faced trials and turbulence that we honestly didn’t know we would make it through. While we were committed to trying to make it work, we were still stuck in a weird place between our past hurts and what we wanted for our future, and just didn’t know how to get there. The reboot truly gave us a new perspective into looking forward together, our relationship with God, and not dwelling on everything that happened before.
Sam & Alexa
Brad and Lisa Valencia - Marriage Coaches standing next to eachother on a beach smiling
Brad and Lisa Valencia - Marriage Coaches standing next to eachother on a beach smiling

Our Story

Back in 2011, we had been married for 10 years. We had, by all standards, a good marriage. However, there were cracks forming in our foundation that were going unnoticed and eventually led to our marriage falling apart. 

We experienced what is the “end all” for most marriages. 

We walked through infidelity and our story was as hopeless as it could get. There was no coming back for us from any perspective….but God. As we walked through the divorce process, so many people were praying for us.

Jesus met Brad as only He could and He held Lisa through the whole process as only He can.

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