Ep 80: His Side

“No Christian man plans on having an affair.”


I believed in what Christ did for me.
I believed He loved me.
I believed he would take care of me.

I had that belief system, but I wasn’t rooted.

I’d go to church, check the boxes, and do the things, but I wasn’t rooted in my faith.

And I started to compromise things here and there. It started with just having a drink when I went out with the guys, and then going back to my hotel while traveling. I kept doing that and then all of a sudden I was lying to Lisa, telling her I was going to bed when I was really just getting ready to go out.

Before I knew it, I was living a double life.

This episode is Part 1 of our marriage story where Brad shares many of the small choices he made that eventually led him to places he never meant to go. He also shares how God reached him in those dark places and offered him a choice.

Unrelenting Pursuit Podcast Ep 80, selfie of man in camouflage hat with sunglasses in front of line of men digging in the ground

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