Ep 81: Her Side

I know that sounds really bad to say, but I was sitting there thinking, “God, I know you can save my marriage, but nothing’s happening.”


The reality was that I was sitting there, I was praying, I was reading my Bible, and I was doing all the things I was supposed to be doing…

And Brad was still just doing whatever he wanted.

And I didn’t think that was fair…

Why and why and why and why?!” That question of why was in my head all the time.

What does God teach you in the waiting places?
How does He show you what obedience looks like?
How does He give you opportunities to trust in what He is doing, even when you can’t understand it, or see it? How do you surrender?

How do you forgive?

Join as we dive into these topics in Part 2 of our story where we hear from Lisa and what God taught her along the way as life, as she knew it, fell apart. As always, our prayer is always that you turn to Jesus and trust Him for healing no matter what you are facing.

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