Ep 91: Parenting to Equip

“When my kids ask me questions about faith and hard stuff in the Bible, I challenge them to dig because, I may have the answer, but we want to equip them so that their faith is their own from what they learned from Scripture.”


Today we live in a world where truth is ever-changing, and our kids are bearing the brunt of the ever-shifting dialogue. 

As parents…

  • Are you preparing and equipping your teenagers?
  • Are you navigating the dance of both pushing them and pulling them?
  • Are you teaching them resiliency?
  • Do you have the right expectations for them?
  • Have you thought of the legacy you are leaving?
  • Do you live out what you talk about?
  • Are you building a foundation of faith?

Are you raising kids that are going to be high-functioning adults, and whom you want to be friends with one day? 

We hope that we can help you answer some of these questions and equip you as you navigate raising kids and leaning into their teenage years. 

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