Ep 90: Do You Desire Consistency?

“There is no way to know far away healing in your marriage is, but how you show up every single day and what you keep on doing to get there – it’s certainly going to shorten the distance!”


The difference between where you want to be, and the life you dream of living, are consistent steps in the right direction.

Over and over we see that developing consistent disciplines in marriage is a huge piece of the puzzle in building a better one, and towards healing.

It is determining to do what it takes as long as it takes, and not depending on motivation, but on purpose.

Our biggest encouragement is for you to develop consistency in getting into the Word of God. This is an area that will impact every other area you desire to improve in…your marriage, as a parent, as a person, and ultimately, as a child of God.  

To listen to more about what we have to say on Consistency, tune into Episode 37, “The Key?…Consistency!

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