Ep 85: Guardrails and Accountability

“Accountability and challenge are what breed Godly men.”


We developed guardrails and accountability the hard way.

We didn’t think about them or develop them until our marriage was in crisis. At first, they started as a series of rules instead of a systemic way to approach life, but we learned how valuable they were in helping us head in the right direction, and protecting what we value. 

The truth is that guardrails and accountability will serve you no matter where you are in your life, and they are a key aspect to changing yourself, your marriage, and ultimately your relationship with God.

In this episode, we cover some of our own personal guardrails for our marriage, tips on how to have that conversation with your spouse, and key aspects to look for when seeking out accountability partners. 

Unrelenting Pursuit Podcast Ep 85: Guardrails & Accountability Graphic - highway with hazard guardrail in gravel alongside

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