Ep 103 – Being Caught vs. Confessing – What leads to genuine repentance?

Does being caught in sin vs confessing have an impact on whether there is genuine repentance?

How do you truly know if someone is repentant? What does that look like?

We talk about these topics and much more on this episode, and we encourage you to evaluate where your trust lies, and to listen to God’s voice over any and all others. Don’t move until He tells you to move, and if He tells you to move, be radically obedient!

In addition, we challenge you to confess to a trusted source whatever God lays on your heart while listening to this episode. And DON’T GIVE UP! There are so many resources available.

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2 thoughts on “Ep 103 – Being Caught vs. Confessing – What leads to genuine repentance?”

  1. Hi, my name is Vanessa. Our marriage has been rocky for 20 years. I found out my husband had three affairs at different times in our relationship, one was about 1 yr after our wedding. Anyway, after finding out this information, my mind had been connecting the dots about of things.
    I knew before I knew. I was having dreams about him being with other women but I just thought it was a fear of mine, (which it was because flirting and micro cheating had been his thing before we got married and if I said anything about it I would be accused of being jealous and having insecurities. He has called for two other seperations and he was having a full on sexual affair with the last separation, and the one before that I asked him if there was someone eles then too…he said I wanted there to be.
    I recently called for my first separation of our relationship due to not being able to heal emotionally and physically and sexualy. We are living apart, I’m in North Idaho and he is 9 hrs away in Southern Idaho.
    I’ve been learning relationships and abuse and marriage and myself and him. We signed ourselves up for affair recovery and we have been working on that.
    This is long winded but my question is, I am having dreams again about him admitting that he had been with at least 10 other women while we were married. As a female with a very strong intuition and dreams…which I know may not be true all the time but since all the other dreams were true why would this dream be any different? I keel getting this gut feeling that he lied to me about what actually took place or in his affairs. And since he lied to me when I asked questions before about the affairs then I got trickle truth, and over the past year and a half there has been more trickling out. I just sense that he won’t come clean now even if I ask him nicely. I don’t know what to do except God to pick his heart and conscience.

    Did you have dreams? And how did you trust your husband again? I’m ready to file for divorce because of all that’s happened and lack of transparency. (This is the condensed version without the all the stories of abuse)

    I know people can change, and more than that i know God can transform hearts and minds.
    But what do I do without the full truth? What would you do?


    1. Have you listened to our Podcast by chance??? Please start at episode 80 where we share our story, and go over our steps of recovery in the following episodes. It definitely takes two people willing to work, genuine repentance, and lots of Jesus for restoration. I would encourage you to go after Jesus and move when He tells you to, and stay until He tells you to move. Follow PEACE!

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