Ep 114 – Steps to Better Sex

Better sex – who doesn’t want to be able to say they have this in their marriage?!

Typically, however, this is an area that ignored until there is a problem or a person becomes entirely self-focused, instead of a spouse focused. Couples need to learn to meet in the middle, to grow with one another, communicate with one another, and not take each other for granted!

There is also the reality of how to navigate this are after experiencing betrayal or trauma. Is it possible to heal? Is it possible to actually transform this area after borokeness?

Short answer – YES!

God wants to be involved in your sex life and He wants you to have true intimacy with one another.


As a woman, you need to release control and be willing to have the hard conversations needed to help your man see who God has called him to be. Is that what you are doing? If not, STOP trying to play every role in your home!

Our challenge to you this week is to has your spouse how they feel most loved by you and schedule some sexy time!

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